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Master Classes with Wesley Mann & Jacqueline Barone

Geared for Middle School & High School Age Kids!

Monday-Friday, July 20-26, CLASSES via ZOOM!
Wes Mann, Class time, 10am-1pm daily
Class Fee, $325 per student ($275 per sibling)
All you’ll need is space to move around & comfy clothes!

Wesley Mann is an TV/Movie Character Actor.

Many of Mann's roles are minor and he frequently delivers only a handful of lines, but he has a somewhat distinctive appearance, that of a long-suffering, vaguely glib demeanor that makes him easily recognizable whenever he shows up in a film or on television. He is, by definition, a character actor, and thus he has never performed a lead role.

His acting career began in the early 1980s, landing guest roles on mainstay sitcoms The Golden Girls and Night Court, and appearances in Who's Harry Crumb? and My Stepmother Is An Alien. His distinctive face and demeanor were featured prominently in 1989's Back to the Future Part II, as the high school student who thinks that Marty has just robbed Biff of his wallet. As Biff regains consciousness after having been knocked out by George, Mann (credited as "CPR Kid," but later labeled by fans as the Wallet Guy) shouts "I think he took your wallet!" after Biff, then turns back to the other onlookers and repeats "I think he took his wallet."

Mann has also appeared in the Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival in Garrison, New York, for nine seasons.

1-WEEK Technique Tap Class with Ms. Jacqueline
Intermediate/Advanced Levels Welcomed!

Monday-Friday, July 27-31, CLASSES via ZOOM!

Ms. Jacqueline, Class time, 11am-1:00pm
Class Fee $225 per student ($200 per sibling)

All you’ll need are tap shoes, a place to tap & comfy clothes!

Jacqueline Barone (Choreographer) Born and raised in San Diego, Jacqueline is now pursuing her career as a professional dancer in Los Angeles. She has been dancing for over seventeen years and spent most of her training at Evoke Dance Movement located in Carlsbad, CA. While having danced her whole life, she has also been trained in Musical Theatre. She started out in Broadway Bound Youth Theater, where she fell in love with performing, and ended up attending high school in Orange County at Orange County School of the Arts (OCSA). When she got accepted into OCSA she was in the Musical Theater major, but as she grew more passionate about acting, she switched into the Acting major her junior year of high school and graduated from that program. Now living in Los Angeles, Jacqueline has danced for numerous projects. Last year she was a part of the live commercial on the Warner Brothers lot for The Greatest Showman. This year she was a part of the Latin American Music Awards where she danced for people such as Pitbull, Ludacris, Prince Royce, Maluma, etc. Her main career goal is to be an actress, which she plans to segue into in the next few years. She loves performing arts, and hopes to inspire the next generations to come

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