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About Kids Theatre Network (KTN)

Our Mission Statement

The mission of KIDS THEATRE NETWORK is to develop each student’s talents, creativity, individuality, and artistic expression through the craft of musical theatre, vocal, dramatic, and dance performance.

The teaching atmosphere at KIDS THEATRE NETWORK is inspiring, encouraging, positive, and disciplined.

KIDS THEATRE NETWORK is committed to helping each student develop better communication, listening and focus skills; creating the well rounded performer. Each student will be encouraged to find their inner self-confidence so they can make strong and powerful choices in class and on stage. The importance of working together as a team will be discussed and emphasized weekly, so the kids learn camaraderie with one another.

The KIDS THEATRE NETWORK student will glow with pride at the end of each production knowing their hard work and efforts in class and on stage produced a finished product the audience will cherish for a lifetime!

Our Philosophy
Education in the performing arts, whether or not pursued for a professional career,
or recreation, provides young people with lasting life skills and personal attributes, such
as discipline, self-esteem, focus and a sense of teamwork, as well as superior communication and social skills.

In providing our weekend and after school programs we keep youth actively engaged, so they learn self-respect and how to conquer their fears; standing strong amongst peer pressure at school and within other social settings with confidence and self-awareness, so they can make effective, powerful and positive choices for themselves.

The goal at Kids Theatre Network is that each student gains a sense of accomplishment and confidence to help achieve a lifetime of self-fulfillment and happiness.

Why a KTN Musical?
The KTN musical will bring together all of the art forms into one comprehensive program. Our Triple Threat learning experience of KTN’s educational focus of Singing, Acting and Dancing will provide many valuable development opportunities for the KTN student.

Musical Theatre Enhances the Lives of Youth!

Language and Communication
Rehearsing, practicing and the performance of dialogue develop language and comprehension skills; bringing forth better readers and communicators.

Creativity and Individuality
Effective acting techniques teach children to bring out a character by finding the actor within themselves; learning to create their own unique interpretation of the character they are portraying, so they are not a copy of another’s work, but the originator of their own talents.

Audio Perception and Mathematics
Learning musical numbers in a production trains the ear to hear and comprehend pitch, and various vocal sounds. The rhythmic patterns in the music teach mathematics by the quantum timing of the division of beats.

Movement and Coordination
Learning the dance choreography and blocking teaches physical awareness, structured movement and left to right side brain coordination.

Memorization and Retention
Performances are without scripts or guides, so the children must memorize and retain their lines in the script, words to their songs, the steps of the dance routines, and the placement of their blocking.

Collaboration and Unity
In a musical everyone must work together for the greater good – the performance for the audience. So, everyone’s contribution is equally important to the overall success of the production.

Visual and Technology Artistry
The student who participates in our sound and lighting programs will learn to operate professional lighting and sound equipment; they will use computer technology and help within the technical aspects of the show.


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Thoroughly Modern Millie

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