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Lord of the Pies

The roles in “Lord of the Pies” are: (Franny, leader of the country, founded in the light of the apocalypse. May her rule be long. She has four monologues. 98 Lines) (Cashier, can be cast as M/F, we’re using female, she is very skeptical of Franny’s newly founded kingdom. The first to feel her wrath, 26 lines) (Dolores, calm and level-headed. Two Trains that will be quite useful in the apocalypse, 17 lines) (Isabel, more impressionable than Dolores. She will go far in Franny’s new regime, 13 lines) (Amanda, another skeptical shopgoer to get pulled into Franny’s craziness, 16 lines) (Janice, the first to crack in Franny’s mad new world, 10 lines) (Manager, can be cast as M/F, we’re using female, she has no time for Franny’s zany new kingdom) (Five Women – Jill, Eileen, Haley, Selma, Veronica, lines ranging from 1-7 lines) (Five Diligent Pie Makers, lines ranging from 4-7 lines) and 2 random customers.

Overview: (Setting: Virtual - Present Day) (Dress: Contemporary) (Subgenres: Farce, Parody, Adaptation, Absurd) (Themes: Peer Pressure, Morality, Obedience)

Lord of the Pies”

The auditions will be conducted by a reading together as a class, so there is no “audition” date.

  • Class will meet on Fridays from 6:00pm-8:00pm via zoom
  • First Class Date is Friday, September 4, 2020
  • Last session for Lord of the Pies will be on Friday, October 30, 2020
  • We will film “Lord of the Pies” Saturday, Oct 31, 2020 *Halloween” We’re going to have FUN with this day!*

(Filming on 10/31 will be completed before dark. Maybe Covid19 will be calm by then…? maybe not…? but I want to think ahead)  

*There will be no class the weekend of October 23-24 - it’s a 3-day holiday weekend for PUSD*


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