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Here are some testimonials from students and parents former and current.

"Working with KTN and Lynne through seven productions, ongoing voice lessons, summer camps, and workshops, our teenage daughter has gained skill and honed her confidence on the stage, and has also learned life lessons that extend beyond theater. I think Lynne makes each child feel special and important – in life and in each production. She gently pushes her students to do more each time and, in doing so, develops well rounded and confident kids. Our daughter is happiest on the stage, and working with Lynne is invaluable to us. Thank you, Lynne/KTN " The Askins Family!

"We are so thrilled with Ms. Lynne and Kids Theater Network! We have been on quite a journey searching for an activity that “lights up” my son’s passions. We were able to find it here. I love that Ms. Lynne accepts all kids to be a part of her productions and is inclusive in that way. My son really gained so much confidence and passion for something in life through his first experience here. It was magical to see his transformation. We couldn’t be more grateful he had this opportunity and we are already looking forward to the next production! Thank you, KTN for such an enriching and positive experience! " The Lee Family

"Our daughter performed in 13 shows under Lynne Broyles magnificent direction over the past 8 years. She started in the ensemble and then moved into lead roles that have built her confidence and poise. Voice lessons with Lynne helped her build her range and power, while teaching her effective audition techniques. Thank you Lynne for giving our daughter the love of live theater and the skills to perform.'" Gina and Jay Schneider

Lynne's creative process gave my daughter opportunity and encouragement to grow. Over the course of her 8 productions, I watched her gain self-confidence as each role became more challenging. Seeing her blossom was beyond encouraging!" Chandra Appell

Lynne allowed me to do what I love in a supportive environment, and gave me a chance to make lots of new friends." Sydney Kessler

"Working with Lynne has brought me so much confidence and she has helped me become not only a better actress, but a better person. I have only done three shows with her, and I already know I made the right decision to have worked with her, and I’m looking forward to her future shows. From my first show to now, I have always loved Lynne for helping go from ensemble to a lead. Thank you Lynne." Sydney Sherman, Student

"I can not say enough wonderful things about Lynne Broyles and her theater program. My daughter came into her program with no confidence or theater training. After spending a year in her program, my daughter blossomed from the back of the chorus into a lead role. She is so happy and confident on stage because of her work with Lynne. Thanks so much." Janice Sherman, Parent

"Miss Lynne is a great teacher and I have been in some great shows with her! I can't wait to be in more shows with KTN!" Sara Melby, Age 7

"Lynne excels at teaching her students about the theater. She encourages and motivates her performers to do their best. I have been truly impressed by the performances Lynne elicits from her students!" Kelli Melby, Parent

"Lynne has taught me so much. She is an astounding director, and a great teacher, " Kylan

"My daughter was recently chosen to present a speech at her 5th grade promotion ceremony. Her teacher was so impressed with her public speaking skills and wondered how she could have mastered such skills at a young age. Her confidence, poise, eloquence and ability to address an audience were so incredible that she wanted to know how she had become such a professional! Our secret? Lynne's Acting and Musical Theatre classes and productions!" Maresa

"Being in Theatre gives you the confidence to stand up in front of any audience. You become less self-conscious and escape into wonderful imaginary worlds. The stage has become my second home and I have made the most amazing friendships. If you love to act, sing or dance, you are welcome here, thanks to our fabulous Director and Producer, Lynne Broyles."Jess


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Thoroughly Modern Millie

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