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Vocal Lessons

Please see the Information below on Ms. Lynne Broyles, our Master Singing Instructor and Member of the National Association of Teachers of Singing, Inc.

For more information on Ms. Lynne, please view the Founder Page, thank you.

Vocal “EaZe”

Lynne Broyles, renowned vocal instructor and creator of the Vocal “EaZe” method of voice training. Lynne trained and mentored Adam Lambert and many other talented students who went on to professional careers; she is a powerful teacher who has the ability of creating singers and performers. She welcomes all levels of talent to her studio both the amateur and professional.

Voice Lessons

$200 Private Lessons, 1 student
$140 Duo Lessons, 2 students

*Lessons are attended weekly at your child’s scheduled lesson time*

For class availability, please register below and a representative will contact you via email to help you with the class best suited for you or your child, thank you.

Vocal Technique

Lynne’s vocal training is a unique combination of the French, Italian, and German vocal techniques she studied in her singing career; the Vaccai, Bel Canto and Dietrich Erbelding methods. In combining these vocalize disciplines her vocalists learn to use their voice with “EaZe” and “Power.” Her vocal method centers and connects the voice so the timbre and power of the vocal range can be produced by creating a seamless vocal tone. Her singers become the master of their passaggio. The passaggio is the chest voice region where any singer can produce a very powerful sound, and above the passaggio lies in the “head voice” where a powerful and resonant sound is accessible, but usually only through training. All singers must learn to be the master of the passaggio so they find their ultimate vocal sound and production of their voice. Lynne’s “Vocal-EaZe” method creates healthy, powerful, long-lasting singers who embrace and enjoy their vocal talents whether they want a professional or amateur career.

Vocal Styles

Lynne teaches light classical, musical theatre, pop, light-rock, and country-pop styles.

The Unique Voice

Lynne does not believe in producing “factory” voices; a voice that sounds like every other voice. She strives to find each singer individualize sound, by developing the singers voice by using their own by birth natural vocal tones, jaw and body structure.

Vocal Performance

Lynne is the master of performance. For over 25 years Lynne spent her life on the stage captivating her audiences. She teaches her singers how to sing from their inner actor, so they sing with passion, power, presence and position on stage.

Lynne calls this the 4Ps of Performance – Passion, Power, Presence and Position.

Audition Preperation

Lynne offers audition prep workshops though out the year to guide and assist her singers, so they have successful auditions. Please see the workshop page for any upcoming classes.

To view Lynne’s students who have trained in the Vocal-EaZe method please visit the Video Footage Page of the website.

Vocal Lessons Payment Options

Vocal-EaZe Studio Policies

Cancellations, Reschedule, Illnesses & Billing
Due to schedule constraints, I cannot offer rescheduled lessons for student or parent cancellation; with the exception of emergencies.

However, if I should cancel a lesson the cancellation policy will be:

For any private voice/drama lesson that I cancel, I will reschedule the lesson within 60 days or a credit will be issued.

I request a 48 hour notice be given for any student cancelled lesson, so I can make any need scheduling changes to my voice lesson day.

My voice is my instrument and must stay healthily, so I cannot allow any student to enter the studio with a fever, cough or runny nose.

I ask that you please be considerate and not come to lessons when your child is sick. I will hold fast to not teaching a sick student.

If a student comes to a lesson sick, I will call you and ask that you please return and pick up your child.

Thank you for understanding the importance of the Vocal-EaZe Student Policies.

$200 Private Lessons, 1 student
$140 Duo Lessons, 2 students

At Our Studio Located in Carmel Mountain

*Lessons are attended weekly at your child’s scheduled lesson time*



Lynne's Directing/Choreography in Action!


Fiddler on the Roof

Thoroughly Modern Millie

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